Alberta: Emergency isolation support

Eligible working Albertans can receive a one-time emergency isolation support payment of $1,146 if they are required to self-isolate or are the sole caregiver of someone in self-isolation and they have no other source of pay or compensation.

This is a temporary program to bridge the gap until the Federal Emergency Care Benefit is available in April.


You are eligible for the emergency isolation support program if you:

  • have experienced total or significant loss of income and are not receiving compensation from any other source because you:

    • have been diagnosed with COVID-19

    • have been directed by health authorities to self-isolate

    • are the sole caregiver of a dependent who is in self-isolation

You are not eligible for this program if you:

  • were not working immediately before you were advised to self-isolate

  • can work from home

  • are not experiencing a significant loss of income as a result of self-isolation

  • are currently collecting other forms of income support or employer benefits while self-isolated, such as:

  • are staying home to care for a dependent who is home for a reason other than self-isolation

  • reside outside of Alberta

If you are not eligible for this program, other supports are available.

The system is running periodically to manage the flow of applications. Check the link below periodically: